S. K. Bhatnagar – C.E.O

He is one of the most renowned business leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a sphere of influence that consists of everything one needs to be successful in the world of pharmacy. He joined the pharmaceutical line in 1983 and has since been a successful individual in this field. Determination combined with a rapier-sharp instinct and a winning personality makes him what he is today. He believes that integrity and accountability are very important for taking any business to greater heights, and his philosophy for a trustworthy and consistently growing business in the pharmaceutical industry is based upon honesty and transparency. His mantra of life, which he calls the driving force behind all his success, is this quote by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam that “DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something which doesn't let you sleep. We are committed to complying with his philosophy of transparent business practices, quick response time, serving society, and ensuring that every individual's development remains consistent with that of the company.

Mr. Rohit Bhatnagar - Managing Director

Dr. Rohit Bhatnagar, a visionary endowed with the determination it takes to fulfill one's dreams is the Managing Director of CARE US. Even though his father wanted him to be a doctor and he had pursued BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medical Science), Dr. Bhatnagar never gave up on his dream of healthcare brand products. "Success is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration." Dr. Bhatnagar has thus continued to pursue his passion single-mindedly. This has molded the foundation of our company - CARE US. Our company started with just 6 products and is now a successful company with over 100 products renowned all over the world. As a member of the Central Council of Indian Medicine, Dr. Bhatnagar gives invaluable insights and his experience makes him one of the best professionals in the field, with over 10+ years of dedicated service to the company and its larger dream to aid those who need the most.

Ms. Nisha Diwaker - Managing Director

Ms. Nisha Diwaker is part of the core team of CARE US as Managing Director. "The world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their ideas" and none exemplifies this better than Ms. Diwakar. She is a perfectionist who strives hard and has been the brains behind the several ideas that have transformed the face of this organization. She completed her education from Nottingham Trent University, London, and has often come up with innovative ideas for Care Us. Her strategic ideas and long-term aim to make the brand globally prestigious among OTC and FMCG companies. This makes her an invaluable asset for CARE US. As the Head of the Creative and Production department, Ms. Diwakar has time and again redefined excellence in the field of pharmaceuticals.