CARE US Foundation

Who We Are

CARE US FOUNDATION is a Non-Government and Non Profit making organization, Established to work in the areas of Health, Education, relief of poor, and to provide amenities and facilities to physically disabled people. 

What Makes Us Awesome?





Women Empowerment

Old Age Assistance

The CARE US Pharmaceutical donates a 10% of the its earning for the well being of the people through the Care Us Foundation.

We are working in India for over a past few years, since 2016 the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage .we are working for a world where all people live in dignity and security . To complete a journey we have to step forward first. We continue to do our duty quietly and relentlessly and try our level best to solve the problems of the society without any hue and cry. Our aim is to wipe out the tears of those poor as we do our own.

Aims & Objective

1-The main aim of the foundation would be to impact the practical and functional medical facilities , healthy people, Educated people,affordable medicines and training of yoga etc.


2-To provide and distribute free medicine, to open special medical camps and hospitals equipped with modern medical facilities.

3-To organize blood test camps to provide blood and to encourage society for free blood donation.

4-To open and establish hospitals for the treatment of the helpless poor, out caste and also to distribute free medicines,clothes and food articals in rural areas.

5-To carry out research on medicine and also organize scholarly seminars and competitions.

6- To open the free of cost sewing center in rural and backward areas for the females.

7-To prepare and sale and purchase of the ayurvedic medicines for the social.

8-To make an arrangement for the study of ramanayan, anatomy , physiology and charak .

9-To provide a ………………

10-To the poor cows to save them from the victimization and killings.

11-To give awards and certificates to brilliant students and vigilant cetrizen

12-To help and co-operate the relief activities related to earthquake ,flooding, diasater atc.

13-To appreaciate sports team unhe……….. award and certificiates daina

14-To grow different kinds of herbal medicines through different categories of species. different kind of medicinal gardens construction of green house.

15-To organize personality development camps, exhibition and different programmes for student.

How We Work

At CARE US Foundation our point is to run after the improvement of the general public by medical facilities, and other facilitiesand different offices to all those in require and to give monetary help to those unfit to battle for themselves because of mature age, sickness or any physical or mental impediment by supporting them through grassroots activities, likewise we have spread our consideration towards the old part of our general public alongside those Suffering from Chronic infections, by repaying their doctor's visit expenses as well as to give total help to disease patients past that given by the clinical calling, that is, adopting an all encompassing strategy, not assaulting the harm in disconnection We likewise mean to enable ladies and young ladies from minimized networks ,we furnished them with market situated professional preparing of sewing which is applicable to their necessities and gives them esteem added abilities to assist them with procuring extra pay for their families We are resolved to come up as an association giving help and backing to enormous number of individuals, to arrive at more fragile regions of the general public and to deal with at National Level.