Danish Malik

Danish Malik– The fitness fanatic is a weight trainer & fitness entrepreneur.He is knoen for developing organic body and is the inspiration for many fitness enthusiasts with his positive perspective contagious. With his positive perspective, contagious passion and years of expertise, Danish Malik is now the brand embassador of Health
Liv Active Capules & Syrup.
Health liv Active is the product of Ardour,expertise & eagerness to serve every health freak with the best result oriented product that assist multiple health benefits.

Niharika Arora

Niharika Arora – Holding a B.sc degree from G.B. Pant University Of Agriculture And Technology,Uttarkhand. At present, she is the brand ambassador for various Care Us products like Onion oil.shampoo conditioner,facewash etc. She is a youtube actress. Her background includes a two year stint at NIFT as Fashion Designer and then she successfully tried hand at modelling and acting.

Dr. Monica Negi

Dr. Monica Negi- Dr.Monica Negi received his degree from jolly grant medical college,Dehradun . she has specialized in gynicologist at AIIMS,Rishikesh . At present, she is the brand ambassador of Sachi Sakhi uterine tonic.Sachi Sakhi is an Ayurvedic medicinal tonic helpful for women in those tough days of every month. Our this remedy made up of 20+ herbs, beneficial for tiredness, useful in the overall cleansing of the body by removing toxins from the body ,prrovides relief in the case of menstrual cramps,helps in the treatment of irregular menstruation.